Have You Been Experienced?
Do you wish you were more experienced...
with your camera, in the operation of it and how to capture what you see in your mind?
If so, then this is the perfect Trip for you!

During this one day, intense field trip, you will gather data about visioning, capturing and producing the images you wish you were making while you gather those images. And you don't have to worry about not remembering everything, the Trip includes a handbook with a lot of the information poured out upon you. You will also be able to take your own personal notes during the various knowledge stops along the way. With the end result being that you learn how to make the camera just an extension of your hand and it operates naturally like one of your bodily reflexes.

Two variations of the New Workshop Series "Become 1 with Your Camera" are available
Variation 1: Lecture & Field Trip (approximately 4 hours) $125
Variation 2: Lecture, Field Trip & Final Image Review/Critique (approximately 6 hours) $200
(Note: Workshop could take longer depending on day of the week & traffic at the selected venue)

Sign up today and go on a photographic trip to enhance your vision forever.
On your journey you will be exposed to an overdose of information, ideas and strategies to enhance your photographic experiences.

Know your tools, what how to use them to get results you have visualized.

  • Know your camera
  • Know your darkroom
  • Know your printer

Whats In The Trip?
Learn about yourself and the subjects you most frequently capture... And why!

  • Composition - Lens Choice & Focal Length, Horizon Lines. Crop in the camera or in the darkroom.

  • Exposure Factors - The big 3 in exposure values... Shutter speed, aperture, ISO (film speed)
    What are the characteristics that these affect in your images and when to specifically use one of them to capture a certain type of image.

  • Light Conditions - How they affect possible shutter speed or aperture to use. ISO can be the see saw that changes what the current limitations are.

  • Printing - How Big Can I Go, What Type of Print Is Best, Calibration of Monitor, Color Profiles, Printer Brands, DPI & PPI, Glossy, Matte & Canvas, Dye Based & Pigment Inks.

  • Presentation of your images.

Where Are The Trips Located?
There are two types of trips offered in The Photography Experience.

  • Trips for one or very small groups that you book on a day that fits your schedule. - Currently there are openings on Monday-Saturdays in October & November available for booking. These trips will tour the Greenbriar Section of the GSMNP, Motor Nature Trail in Gatlinburg, Cades Cove, in Townsend Tennessee and several other locations during the peak of Autumn. Fall colors and old log cabins are plentiful and maybe even a bear spotting could occur.
    (Note: These Trips will be more enjoyable most likely during the weekdays due to the lesser amount of traffic on the trails)

  • Scheduled trips for groups that often involve travel to remote locations. "Experience the Mediterranean" from May 19 - June 16, 2012. This trip will tour Italy, France, Montenegro, Croatia and Greece.

What Should I Pack For The Trip?
There are a few things you will need to bring along to experience the full effect.

  • Digital SLR Camera
  • Blank memory cards (so that we don't end up seeing pictures that you may not want people to see that may just happen to be on the card).
  • Pen or Pencil and small note pad or something similar to take notes with.
  • Extra lenses or filters you have for your camera.
  • Tripod (if you have one).
  • You may also find it useful to bring a laptop computer, iPad or other tablet device.
  • A flash drive will also come in handy for use in the lab experiments.
  • For cold weather trips I suggest some light weight cotton gloves with the fingers cut out of them.

Sign up today and go on a photographic trip to enhance your vision forever.

Who Is The Trip Leader?

The Photography Experience Trips are the brainchild of Smoky Mountain photographer "doctorsid", who's photographic endeavors go back to the early 70's when he built his first darkroom and processed film shot with a Hanimex ME35. As time progressed so did the photographic knowledge and desire within him. The darkroom was doubled in size to make room for a "color room" to print Ektachrome prints from slides.

In the early 80's, doctorsid joined a local studio and traveled to small cities setting up in-store studios and making portraits of the towns residents with a 70mm Beattie roll film camera.

In 1982, along with a fellow camera buff, he opened a camera store, studio, learning center known as "The Image Factory". After the departure from the retail/studio business, doctorsid continued to learn, capture and progress in the craft of photography.

During the time he lived in Florida, he was active in the local camera club winning numerous awards in monthly competitions and even spent some time as the club president. He opened a small gallery in Cocoa, Florida to sell his works to keep him motivated to continue to capture new stuff so that he didn't just build up a big stack of prints that sit in the corner of a closet. And in 2000, became the Art Director for Shutterbug Magazine and eDigital Photo magazine.

He went on to launch his own eZine, "PhotographicAge.com" and published the magazine for 3 years before He found himself in Gatlinburg and wanting to go into a different direction of opening a gallery again. Although the economy caused a closure of his gallery, he still maintains a full catalog of works in his gallery website www.Gallery5.biz. And you will find his works in The Turning Leaf Fine Art Gallery in Blue Ridge, GA,in the arts & crafts district at The Cliff Dwellers Gallery and Mans Ruin Tattoo Studio in Asheville.

Coupled with using the camera for many product photography shoots for his visual media design business, doctorsid never goes very long without snapping the shutter for one reason or another.

Now after digesting almost 43 years of photography into some key essentials, doctorsid is offering the chance to also build your knowledge base. In the highly psychological view of why and how to photograph, you will also take in lots of techniques and pertinent information to take your photography to the next level or even more.

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