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With the tools available in digital photography, you can enhance an image in ways never dreamed before...

Or at least in ways that are easy for anyone to do. A lot of todays techniques could have been achieved with film, but it would have requited a very skilled photo artisan to do them.

Besides increasing the Dynamic Range of an image (HDR) far beyond the values you could achieve with one single image, Focus Stacking is a process by which you increase the Depth-of-Field far greater than one single image exposure could ever capture.

Digital Noise is the New Film Grain - Remember that grainy look with high speed film...
But only back then High Speed Film was ASA 400. Then why do we complain when ISO 400 is as clean as ASA 32 film was and yet complain we need cleaner noise free images at ISO 6400.

In this project I look into High ISO Noise and what remedy is available to fix it, or do we even need to fix it.

There are indeed a plentyful choosing of assorted aplications and filters to clean up noise in LightRoom and PhotoShop... but at what cost to image quality do they inflict?

Is it time for you to upgrade your camera gear? Do you know when and where to buy that new gear? Or the bigger question... Do you know WHY you want to upgrade.

Do you know WHEN is the best time to upgrade?

Do you know WHERE to purchase your upgrade?

What To Pack - Finding your Sweet-Spot in what to pack for commercial shoots, Vacations and walkabouts.

No need to pack the entire selection if you end up using only a couple pieces of it. Learn from your previous pitfalls or success stories of previous shoots to learn to pack for the next one.

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