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From the summer of 2002 through the fall of 2005, doctorsid published "Photographic Age", after leaving Shutterbug Magazine to venture out on his own to publish a photography eZine. Then, after selling Photographic Age in 2006, the desire to produce a similar project has always loomed somewhere in the background of his list of projects to do.

Well... the time has arrived! The Photography Experience web site has been converted into a "magazine blog" (a blogazine) of sorts, with subjects about various aspects of image capture and the equipment to capture with. Somewhat like the articles in Photographic Age, the writings here will be more of the user experience and food for thought instead of technical detail reviews of equipment.

The equipment doesn't matter nearly as much as the vision in the mind of the photographer and their ability to express it. May you enjoy the collection of writings as they grow over time into multiple issues and a variety of subjects.

There is no such thing as a bad photograph... they all at least mean something to the person that captured it. The artist interpretation of what they have envisioned is not something that has "right or wrong" about it.

Since the issues of The Photography Experience will be compiled over time, you can keep up with new articles by noting the "Issue Number" and "Version" info that will be on the cover image on the home page, and possibly scattered throughout the pages of each issue. The easy way to know when new stuff is here is to "like" The Photography Experience on FaceBook, since update notices will be posted there, you will be the first to have access to new blogs.

There will also be many assorted FaceBook albums associated with some of the topics, such as the album "Spontaneous Shooting" that goes with the blog in this issue.
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