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The content for issue 2 will be gathered sporadically, to make it easier for me to actually keep up with this instead of trying to do an entire issue all at once. Eventually covering an assortment of topics, but for now beginning with Macro / Micro, Getting in close to the subject.

There is no such thing as a bad photograph... they all at least mean something to the person that captured it. The artist interpretation of what they have envisioned is not something that has "right or wrong" about it.

Since the issues of The Photography Experience will be compiled over time, you can keep up with new articles by noting the "Issue Number" and "Version" info that will be on the cover image on the home page, and possibly scattered throughout the pages of each issue. The easy way to know when new stuff is here is to "like" The Photography Experience on FaceBook, since update notices will be posted there, you will be the first to have access to new blogs.

There will also be many assorted FaceBook albums associated with some of the topics, such as the album "Spontaneous Shooting" that goes with the blog in this issue.
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