Since your last visit...
For issue 3 I am rolling out a new archive page for previous issues with a small image of the cover and links to the articles in each issue are now on the new "Archives" page.

It has been a bit of a task to work on stuff for a new issue lately. I took Nikon up on their offer to put a new shutter in my D600 for FREE. But then after a week, it looked like it could take a while. I ended up buying a used D3000 on ebay so I could at least have something to shoot with.

As with the development of the previous issues, this issue will still be progressively published. As each article gets finished it will be posted and added to the issue. And you can recall the issue version number on the cover as well to know if it is newer than the last time you were here.

I plan to dive into some things that have piqued my interest lately such as using the sRGB or the Adobe RGB color space.

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