Whats On The Menu For This Issue...
For issue 4 I am sticking mostly to a subject theme of Flowers, commonly referred to as The Flower Issue.
As it seems that "flower" photos are always popular and commented about...
but why is it they are one of my least selling genres and also from about every other artist I know as well.

Flowers from Combat Photographer Jacob Smith
At one time was out in the middle of the dessert in Iraq making over 200 captures a day and have to process down at least a few handfuls of great shots within about 3 hours from returning from the field. Now a civilian again he can take his time on just one image if he so chooses to, and we feature him and his Black & White Flowers.

Photographing Orchids could possibly be the most difficult of common flowers for me to capture. Although I have about 20 Orchids in my collection, I have only two images in my web shoppe for the Gallery.

Does your appreciation for butterfly images lessen if you found out they were kept in the refrigerator before the shoot? So then, what about store bought or picked flowers brought into the studio?

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