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For issue 6, I spent some time on the first article answering a question that has been on my mind for quite some time yet never been really answered in a real-world review that I have came across.

Full Frame vs Crop Frame Switching Camera Brands 10 Shades of GreyModern Film vs Modern Digital

Just how much difference is there in a 24Mp Full Frame, 24Mp Crop Frame and a 14Mp Crop Frame DSLR?

Getting mad and suddenly changing camera brands... is it worth it?
NO... I didn't actually switch, but I did borrow a bag of Canon gear from Imagine This Photography to try it out.

Mastering the Zone System in 10 Shades of Grey

In Issue #2 I looked at shooting with a Vintage Nikkormat FTn and the Modern Nikon D600. This time I put a newer Nikon N65 up against the D600.

Black & White Film Workshop
The Photography Experience will offer Workshops in
Shooting and Developing Black & White Film.

The workshop includes:
Overview of the aspects of B&W film
Information about camera settings and exposure
Roll of Tri-X film
Use of developing tanks and chemistry
… plus scanning your freshly developed negatives to a CD.

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