The Film Issue...
For issue 7, I am dedicating the content to film photography, commonly referred to as The Film Issue. Although I may use the digital camera to make some example images if needed, but I will also be shooting primarily film for the next few pieces I create. Plus I will be shooting & processing plenty of film during the progress of this complete issue.

New for this issue is the Random Cover Image with each cover image relating to one of the projects. Each time you visit the home page, you are likely to see a different cover than your previous click to the homepage.

The Normal Lens
Back when I was cutting my teeth on cameras, the lens that came with a 35mm SLR was typically a 50mm f/1.8 and known as the "Normal Lens". Also referred to as the Standard lens since it was what came "standard" on a new 35mm SLR.

Why Shoot Film
With the sharpness and multi functions of todays DSLR's... why would you even think of wanting to shoot film?

Processing Black & White
At least D-76 Developer and Tri-X film can be obtained rather easily... And processing is still just as easy.
Join me in my adventure into developing my first rolls of film in over 10 years.

Processing E-6 Color Reversal Film
One of the most rewarding experiences I had in darkroom adventures, was processing E-6. Join with me in my adventure into once again developing a few rolls of Ektachrome & FujiChrome.

Re-Visiting Shooting Film
What's it like to make your "everyday shooter" a film camera 35 years later.

Black & White Film Workshop
The Photography Experience will offer Workshops in
Shooting and Developing Black & White Film.

The workshop includes:
Overview of the aspects of B&W film
Information about camera settings and exposure
Roll of Tri-X film
Use of developing tanks and chemistry
… plus scanning your freshly developed negatives to a CD.

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