Issue 8 ...
For issue 8, I am dedicating the content to a mix of curiosities, of both film and digital works & processes.
Cover Stories:

In my quest to post images of my Die-Cast Collection on-line, I am shooting "macro" several times a week. I searched all my gear to find the Ultimate Macro Set-Up.

Combining my passion for both photography and 1/64th die-cast cars, finds me frequently needing a constant almost dedicated camera set-up. I have shot with both my full frame and crop frame cameras.

It has left me curious as to which set up works best for me, so I can repeat the results by using the same set up every time. After trying different set-ups in both crop frame and full frame, using a prime macro lens, short macro zooms and even close up filters, I am in search for what works best for the results I am looking for.

As you will see as in any of my projects, I find what works for me and you should always strive to find and master what works best for you.

Finding Inspiration - what people or things or happenings inspire us to go out and shoot or to do something extra passionately about photography. My original inspiration actually was from the printing aspect of the craft and not so much the image capture.

After one of my friends and fellow photographer mentioned who had inspired him, it made me start to wonder just who or how was i inspired in the craft of photography.

I searched and searched my memory banks thoroughly and while I couldn't think of any famous photographer that inspired me, I did realize it was the darkroom that first lured me into the craft of photography.

And still today i feel the photographic satisfaction when i see a GiClee coming off the printer that culminates the hours and vision gone into producing that print.

Is your camera a "Pro Camera"? It really doesn't have anything to do with the camera unless you are a gear head looking for bragging rights.

One of the funniest things about photography is that the only ones who care if their camera is a "Pro" camera or not, are other photographers and many with the mindset that you can make better images with a more expensive camera.

I have seen some of the crappiest images ever made with a Hasselblad and some or the best images ever from a Holga.

The gear does not mean you bought your way into excellence or even a Master of the Craft.

Blurred Vision - Sometimes we end up with some of the coolest images, but by accident and not intentionally blurred.

This project was for me to try and produce an image I like that has stop motion captured nicely and not by accident. That way I can come close to recreating the same result in similar shooting situations with confidence in capturing a satisfactory image.

As I embarked on this project and looked through years and years of images, only to find a few feeble attempts at making a stop-motion image I was happy with.

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